Why Do Social Media?

Social media platforms weren’t set up with corporate gain in mind. Amazingly, they are now considered the most valuable marketing tools of our generation. Social media allows users from around the world to communicate quickly, easily and efficiently in a largely informal environment. Millions of people share and connect with their peers with the aid of social networking sites such as; Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin every single day and contemporary businesses cannot afford to miss out on a marketing opportunity of this unprecedented scale.

We offer affordable social media services for companies seeking to transform their online presence by developing and executing a clear social media marketing strategy. Managing an account that’s going to get you noticed requires time, energy and a hefty dose of innovative thinking.

Social Engagement Metrics

Google and other search engines are taking into consideration social engagement metrics to determine a websites position in search results. Coupled with our social media services, we have a specialist social media sharing tool which will automatically share your blog or news content to over 30+ social media networks within minutes to help increase content awareness and as a result increase your social engagement metrics.

  • Account Design & Setup
  • Scheduled Posts
  • On-going Support
  • Real-Time Consumer Interaction
  • Raised Brand Awareness
  • Increased Social Engagement Metrics