Why get a website?

Getting a website for your business has a huge number of benefits from reaching a wider audience to increasing your revenue. Your website will not only be a reflection of your business but will form the backbone to your digital marketing strategy but choosing the right web design company can be a daunting process; with so many options to choose from it’s hard to know which one is right for your business and your customers? Often businesses can overlook the importance of a website, and as a result, can end up costing more than if they had chosen a web design company with a reputable background for producing quality, professional websites. Your website should not only be crafted beautifully but should be SEO friendly, adjust accordingly to all devices, compatible with different browsers but most importantly create a lasting impression with your customers.

More Than A Web Design Company

Fundamentally we want to build a relationship not just a website, by understanding what makes your business different, your objectives, your goals, your ambitions, but most importantly your customers, we can plan and execute a website package that’s right for you. It’s this unique approach that has encouraged many businesses worldwide to enlist our web design services to get online. If you can think it, our team of web designers can build it! So why not speak to us about your ideas.

Business Website Packages

We have matched functionality with flexibility to bring you this unique product. We have “Pre-made” industry specific website designs that meet the needs of any business. This is the easiest and simplest way to get a website right for your business that’s keeping in tone with your industry and has the practicalities your customer’s desire. How many times have you browsed the web to find that websites seem to have a similar structure, functionality and even styling because of the industry they belong to? For example have you ever visited a restaurant website to find a reservation tool? maybe a recruitment website that lists jobs or even a college displaying courses you can enrol on?

Well you’re not alone! That’s why we decided to create these “Pre-made” business website packages, instead of reinventing the wheel, we simply match your business with one of our websites built around your industry. All we need to do now is edit it, brand it and publish it.

Don’t Be Left Behind

Already have a website? But it doesn’t work on mobiles and tablets? It was finally announced in 2015 that more people are browsing the internet using their mobiles & tablets than the traditional desktop. It’s more important, than ever before, to make sure your website is responsive on all devices. Just like you wouldn’t want a customer to leave your shop unhappy with their experience, you don’t want them leaving your website with a bad impression. Google also announced that websites which are not mobile friendly will rank lower in their search engine results than those that are.

Get in touch and book an upgrade today, before it’s too late!